The 'Lucky' Story


Iā€™m Jim Purdy, Founder and operator of Lucky Cycles.

It all started when my Father and his friend Mark built me a custom mini bike when I was 7. I went on to race motocross on the M.A.M.A. circuit, where my love for the sport grew for many years. I still ride motocross today.

My grandfather was a welder by trade.  My father an electrician by trade who has an excellent eye for quality and aptitude for getting it done right. Together, we were always working on projects since I could hold a wrench.

Despite my love for hands on mechanics, my Father urged me to go to college. I did and I received a BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice. I subsequently was hired by the United States Capital Police where I served for 4 years before moving to the Metropolitan D.C. Police Department. I was a member of a 13 man unit called the H.I.T.T. squad (high intensity tactical team) which doesn't exist anymore.  We received a merit from Chief Ramsey for the most productive unit in the city.  We made over 2000 arrests in one year pulling over 100 weapons off the street and a ton of narcotics. 

After another 4 years in D.C. I needed a change and I decided to return to my dream of building a business based on my love of working with metal and machines. I set out to start Lucky Cycles. I was still working at the department, and I had lots of sleepless night and days full of appointments, getting permits, and setting up shop.

Working the street of D.C. at night and building bikes all day finally paid off. I built 3 show winning choppers in 2004 and decided to focus full time on Lucky Cycles. The rest is history.  I love to get out of bed every day, and even know the hours are long, I love what I am doing. I thank you all for your patronage, and for helping me
to live this dream.